Best iOS 9 Themes for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

9:41 AM
Are you looking for the best iOS 9 themes for iPhone? Well, I have listed the best themes for iOS 9 which are freshly designed for all iPhone, iPad & iPod touch which changes your HomeScreen layout in a beautiful way and supports both Anemone & Winterboard.

Best iOS 9 Themes for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touchs

If you are using an iPhone, then there will probably be several reasons for that, and the way in which iOS 9 looks might be among them. Additionally it is possible that you've been utilizing an iPhone for quite some time and just fancy something of an alteration, though, and if you're jailbroken, then changing almost everything in terms of the way in which iOS looks is a few taps away. Theming iOS is among the reasons jailbreaking originally became so popular, and the city can be as strong today since it has ever been. With iOS 9, the relative new kid on the block, though, not totally all themes support the existing build of Apple's mobile operating system. Here, we've ten of the finest themes that are available in Cydia and them all will continue to work just great on iOS 9.0 - 9.0.2 and with both WinterBoard and Anemone.

How to install Anemone themes on iOS 9: Just you need to download Anemone or Winterboard themes from Cydia. After downloading the themes, go back to Homescreen and open and will see the list of themes. To install the theme, simply tap on Enable & Apply. For Winterboard you must use IcondBundles.

Here are the Best iOS 9 themes which supports with all iPhone's, iPad's and iPod touchs.

1. Ayeris
Now updated to support iOS 9, Ayeris can be downloaded via the BigBoss repository and will cost $3.99. You won’t see anything outlandish in here, and that’s kind of the point. Taking iOS 9 and improving its look and feel in a big way, Ayeris is one of our favorite themes.

2. Muze 2
Going for a simple aesthetic with powerful, colorful icons, Muze 2 is fully iOS 9 compliant and can be downloaded from the ZodTTD & MacCiti repository for $2.49.

3. Enkel 9
Downloadable from the ModMyi repository for $1.49, this theme features over 300 themed icons and includes a new Control Center theme as well as extra wallpapers. Featuring pastel colors that are inoffensive yet pleasing to the eye, this theme will prove popular amongst many.

4. Insight
Available for free from Cydia’s ModMyi repo like so many other themes, Insight takes the often busy iOS Home screen and replaces its icons with something altogether more calming. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but Insight is definitely to ours.

5. Ace El Cap
With the Ace El Cap theme, you’ll get rounded icons and rather OS X El Capitan-like experience. Not that that’s a bad thing, you understand. The theme is available for $1.99 from the ZodTTD & MacCiti repo.

6. Salvation9
Salvation9 is a red theme and just a basic theme taking stock ios icons and giving them a more personal meaning which contains 150+ themed icons and more. It supports all devices running iOS 7 or later. Price Free from ModMyi.

7. 1nka iOS 9
1nka iOS 9 is one of the best theme which contains a nice with more than 590 awesome icons with unique style, docks, badges, folders effect, UI and more. Price $3.49 from ZoTTD & MacCiti.

8. Aragon
Aragon is awesome and detailed theme comes with 450 icons, full and detail UI, cccontrols theme, dail pad, battery bar, zeppelin logo, iconomatic shadow and more. You must have this theme. Price $4.50 from ZoTTD & MacCiti.

9. Rein
Rein is a dark, simplistic theme with dark based icons and gradient colors which includes 21 Anemone/Iconomatics effects, 6 dock, 2 badges and more. If you love dark theme then this one will be the best for you. It is also available in round icons. You can have many options to configure you want on the Anemone App. Price $3.50 from ZodTTD & MacCiti.

10. Blackie
Blackie is a brand new theme which brings an abstract and a dark look for your device which contains over 300 icons, a custom control center, custom badges, custom status bar, custom and spider man boot logo. This theme comes with three different styles; circle, squircled and classic. It is compatible with iOS 7 or higher. You can have options to configure from the Anemone app. Price $3.00 from ZodTTD & MacCiti.

Enjoy with new look in your iPhone device with all best themes for your iPhone.